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The Austrian company is revolutionizing the beverage industry with the world’s first microdrink: a compact sugar-free cube that dissolves in water and enriches it with natural flavours and vitamins. waterdrop® wants to put an end to sugary drinks and plastic bottles. Tap water is available everywhere and requires neither plastic nor transportation. waterdrop® promotes sustainability and offers a stylish drinktech range. Following the success of this formula in Germany, Austria and other European countries, waterdrop® decides to conquer the Spanish market in 2020; the brand is unknown and the product require explanation. The firm also has to deal with entrenched drinking habits and false beliefs (e.g., “bottled water is more hygienic than tap water”).


Many people are not aware that they do not drink enough water and that the quality of tap water, with a few exceptions, is excellent. waterdrop®’ aims at getting people to drink more water while getting rid of plastic bottles: The perfect message for a broad campaign around sustainability and health. The stylish products are ideal for lifestyle media, while contents on sustainability and innovation are prone to get the attention of business publications and daily newspapers.


Opinion articles on correct drinking habits and the sustainable use of water are complemented by lifestyle photos and information on stylish Drinktech products. The firm’s impressive track record combines innovation, trending topics and the fascinating story about the success of a young European company.


A mix of bylines, interviews, press releases and events leads to a continuous media presence with an average of 8.5 clippings per month over more than 2 years. Media appearances in Expansión, Actualidad Económica, Cinco Días, Elle, Vogue, Esquire or Harper’s Bazaar and more.


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