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Zattoo is one of the leading TV streaming providers in Europe with several million users per month. Founded in 2005, the company employs more than 250 people and is headquartered in Zurich, additional headquarters in Berlin.

Following its success in Switzerland, Zattoo opted for Spain as a country with great customer potential and high broadband penetration. In July 2007, the nationwide introduction of digital television is about to start in Spain, although not yet everywhere. The concept of real-time Internet television is rather unknown, although expectations are high. Zattoo wants users and advertising customers.


The best way to launch this service in Spain was with a grand entrance: a press conference in an impressive location to which all potentially interested media were invited, and a media relations plan that extended throughout the year.


We organized the press conference in the Skynight Bar on the roof of the most fashionable hotel in Madrid at the time: Puerta de América. We drew up a list of the most important media in order to reach all the key target groups: Users and advertisers. Invitations were drafted and sent to the media. We carried out an intensive follow-up.

The event was very well attended: More than 24 journalists attended the press conference. Many of the journalists represented mainstream media as well as Spain’s largest news agency EFE. Several editors from the major newspapers El Mundo and El País were present, representing different sections of the newspapers. At the end of the interactive presentation by the Zattoo representative for Spain, the lively interest of the journalists was reflected by an avalanche of questions. After the press conference, we sent the press release to all the media that did not attend the conference. This was followed by a month-long
This was followed by a month-long media campaign with press releases, opinion articles in specialist publications and regular interviews with leading TV and IT journalists.


The success: With almost 90 published articles and 60 million readers, we can look back on a campaign with a wide reach. On the other hand, Zattoo has reached 1,000,000 users in Spain in just one year.


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