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2022 –


Threema is one of many messenger apps on the market. On top of the usual features and amenities associated with instant messaging, Threema guarantees the privacy of its users: the Swiss firm’s unique approach is not free of charge, but offers E2E encrypted transmission of all communications and does not “collect” metadata.  Compared to the most known messenger apps, Threema is tiny and hardly known in Spain; the firm sees an opportunity to enter a new market, in particular with Threema Work, its secure business messenger app for organizations.


Instant messaging has become a constant in business communication, though organizations tend to rely on messenger apps that do not comply with the EU wide data-privacy legislation (NIS2, DORA, CER), and/or work with shadow-it out of their control. We want to highlight the fact, make business leaders aware of the risks involved and propose a secure alternative.


The Threema Work campaign has an educative/informative character: monthly contents around business messaging include the signaling of possible threats related to unsafe messaging; they highlight why organizations cannot afford to ignore the legislation and show how to make business messaging both easy and secure. A Whitepaper focused on the legal framework positions Threema as a leading expert while press-releases round up an ongoing media-presence across consumer- and tech outlets.


A far reaching campaign covers national newspapers, tech magazines, specialized press (e.g., HR, finance, legal sector, healthcare) with an average of 6 clippings per month. Top notch publications include Expansión, El Economista, Actualidad Económica, 20 Bits and Applicantes.


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